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1848 BBQ is a Brownsville, Texas-based barbecue joint that focuses on bringing you the best low and slow cooked food with local and regional flare.

Located in the downtown district of Brownsville, Texas, on historic Palm Boulevard, 1848 BBQ celebrates great food, great drinks, and our great local culture.

A project by La Leña LLC, 1848 BBQ aims to pay homage to Texas BBQ while staying true to our outstanding local culture. In fact, our name 1848, is a nod towards the year Brownsville was founded, and we live by this name. Everything we cook and do is based on our city, our region and our state. We know Brownsville deserves the best, so we brought you the best BBQ using the highest quality ingredients on the market and the cooking methods we know and love.

You’ve seen us grow from a small storefront and tent to our new dine-in area and carry out section, and we continue growing daily because of your loyal patronage. Thank you!

If you haven’t had a chance to experience 1848, drop by and give our food a taste. I’m sure you’ll agree; this is the best BBQ in the state of Texas.

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