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The property

A hole in the wall located in the heart of downtown Brownsville.

Terra's Scratch Kitchen | Craft Bar was opened in July 22nd, 2016. With no experience owning a business we quickly realized that if we wanted to make it in the restaurant industry we had to do more than our competitors in North Brownsville. By November Christian (Owner/Cook) released the Chef Specials which is composed of a collaborative kitchen. That lets us explore different cuisines and cultures through food every week. Once the liquor license was finally granted Juan (Owner/Bartender) composed a menu based on popular craft cocktails around the US and giving them his own spin. To this day we still strive to showcase exclusive products and ingredients as well as work with local farmers and other small businesses. We are thankful for all the love and support we are always shown. Thank you and keep eating and drinking!

Terras Bar n Grill is a scratch kitchen and craft bar who's mission is to create the best and most creative food and cocktails offered in the RGV regardless how much work or how long it might take.

Whether is for lunch or dinner, Terras focuses on serving the best Pasta's, Burgers, Tacos, Sandwiches, and Healthy Plates & Salads.
Terras Bar n Grill is located on the Historic Downtown Brownsville on Elizabeth Street. Join the history, join the fun at Terras!
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